Frequently Asked Questions

  • When was Aularale Cosmetics founded and by whom?
    Aularale Cosmetics was founded in January 1984 by the husband and wife team Joanne and Alton  Trawick.
  • I have lost touch with my Consultant.  Can I purchase from someone else?
    Yes! You may purchase products from any Aularale Consultant. We have no territorial restrictions.
  • Why can’t I find Aularale in my local department store?
    Aularale Skin Care and Cosmetics are only sold through Independent Beauty Consultants. Products can be shipped to wherever you live.
  • I don’t have an Aularale Consultant in my city. How can I determine my colors?
    I would love to help you select the best colors for your needs. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email.
  • I have sensitive skin.  Do you have products for me?
    Aularale products are designed for sensitive skin.  Skin care products are aloe vera based and fragrance free.
  • Can I earn a car if I become an Aularale Cosmetics Consultant?
    Yes!  We have a car allowance program.   You can select the car of your choice.
  • Do you have products for men?
    Yes!  We have a complete line of skin care products for men.  Additionally, we have body products and a men’s fragrance. 
  • How long will it take for me to receive my purchase?
    Orders are usually mailed within 48 hours.
  • How can I become an Aularale Cosmetics Consultant?
    Becoming a Consultant is very easy. Click here for details.