About Aularale

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have been unable to contact my Consultant.  Can I purchase from someone else?
    Yes! You may purchase products from any Aularale Cosmetics Consultant. We have no territorial restrictions.
  • Why can’t I find Aularale in my local department store?
    Aularale Skin Care and Cosmetics are only sold through Independent Beauty Consultants. Products can be shipped to wherever you live.
  • I don’t have an Aularale Consultant in my city. How can I determine my colors?
    I would love to help you select the best colors for your needs. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email.
  • I have sensitive skin.  Do you have products for me?
    Aularale products are designed for sensitive skin.  Skin care products are aloe vera based, pH balanced, and fragrance free.
  • Can I earn a car if I become an Aularale Cosmetics Consultant?
    Yes!  We have a car allowance program.   You can select the car of your choice.
  • How long will it take for me to receive my purchase?
    Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours.
  • How can I become an Aularale Cosmetics Consultant?
    Becoming a Consultant is very easy. Click here for details

The Aularale Story

This is the story of Aularale Skin Care & Cosmetics, a direct sales, African American owned and operated company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The Aularale Skin Care and Cosmetics corporation was formed in January 1984 by the husband and wife team, Joanne and Alton Trawick.

The Trawicks had experience with other direct sales cosmetics companies, building a sales unit of over 1200 beauty consultants and had ranked #1 in sales and recruiting. So, their experience in working with hundreds of customers and consultants made them keenly aware of the needs and wants of customers. The couple said that they wanted to be more than just another beauty company. They wanted to address the real skin care and beauty needs of their customers. They made a commitment to build the best cosmetics company. “Best” meaning the best products, the best commission system, the best incentive gifts, and the best Beauty Consultants.

After lining up a consulting dermatologist, locating the right laboratories, and developing the marketing and commission systems, they started the company with seven skin care products. With Alton, a CPA and former comptroller for a Fortune 500 company and Joanne, a former Fortune 500 purchasing expediter, the business background was already in place. Together, they saw the company as “a risk worth taking”.

Just as in her previous business, the dynamic Joanne continued to sell and recruit as no one else can. She traveled all over the country showing the products at trade shows, national conventions, and conferences. Through her efforts, the company grew rapidly.

Today, the Aularale Cosmetics product line has increased to over 155 high quality, customized products for women and men. The success of the company can be attributed to the thousands of loyal and dedicated Beauty Consultants who have agreed with the vision of the company and signed up to develop their own businesses. Many of the Consultants have left traditional jobs while others are using the opportunity to build part-time careers.