My Story

My Story

   I became an Aularale Cosmetics Consultant in 1987.  I was impressed with the opportunity to help build an African-American company while building my own business. I was inspired by the opportunity to touch lives in a positive way and help build self-esteem in women of all colors.

I particularly liked the fact that I would be the first Consultant in Houston.  But, most of all, I liked what the product did for my skin.

I prayed for God´s guidance and Aularale became my goal!  It became my passion.  It became my mission to promote the enhancement of the “total person” through Aularale.  So, I named my company Image & You!

Being an Aularale Cosmetics Consultant has been a wonderful experience for me. It has afforded me the opportunity to help so many people with their skincare and beauty needs.  I feel that I have gotten a very good return on my investment of time, effort and money.  I feel good about what God has led me to accomplish.

Because we have no territorial restrictions, I have been able to sponsor Beauty Consultants from all over the United States and three foreign countries.  I have developed a very loyal following of customers all over the country as well.

  I am most proud of my association with Aularale Skin Care and Cosmetics and the wonderful people involved.  I get a great joy out of sharing my expertise with others. . . whether it be helping them to find the right color, sharing an inspirational thought or sponsoring them as new beauty

 I have based my life as well as my business on the scripture,
“In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path”.

If you haven’t tried Aularale Cosmetics, I encourage you to do so today. Become a Consultant or a Customer . . . YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF!

Anne R. Harris