Hand & Foot Care

Your hands are precious. There aren’t many daily activities you can do without them. After your face, your hands are the parts of your body people notice the most.

Give your hands a little extra attention and hand care and they’ll draw the type of attention you want, with their young, fresh, pretty appearance.

Your feet are precious as well. Many foot problems can be avoided simply by taking care of your feet.




  1. Wash hands/feet with Aularale Bath & Shower Gel.
  2. Exfoliate with Aularale Jojoba Scrub. Exfoliating is as important to your hand/foot care as it is to your face. The skin on the back of your hands/feet is very thin and doesn’t have much fat underneath. As you age, the small amount of fat decreases, which is why your veins and bones become more prominent and your skin can appear loose as you age. Exfoliating won’t bring the fat back, but it can help keep your skin fresh and glowing. It is best to use your facial exfoliant on your thin-skinned hands instead of the scrub you use on the rest of your body.
  1. Moisturize with Aularale Aloe Shea Butter Cream. For hand/foot care, moisturizing is crucial — washing your hands frequently dries out your skin.
  2. Massage – Give yourself a quick hand/foot massage when you apply your Aularale cream or lotion. Start with the fleshy part of your hand near the base of the thumb, then work each finger from base to tip.