Skin Care Tips During Covid-19

This is such a surreal time for everyone and the uncertainty is especially disorienting. 

Coronavirus is changing some of our hygiene habits. Washing hands more frequently can cause them to become dry, cracked, and raw. Using a hand cream after washing your hands is a safe and clean way to prevent dry skin.

Also, social distancing has many of us ditching our regular makeup and hair routines. It can be tempting to get a little lazy with your skincare routine, as well. But, consistency is really key. Continuing your normal skincare regimen, morning and night will keep your skin on track. “Even indoor aggressors can deprive the skin of its vitality. You may notice a dulled and dehydrated complexion, more congestion, and a greater chance for breakouts. However, keeping your normal skincare routine can help your skin stay calm, clear, and shielded from elements such as dirty keyboards, artificial light, cooking evaporation, home cleaning, less oxygenation, etc.

So, Stay Safe! Take Care of Your Skin!